APDH┤s Functions and Activities


The APDH follows current events in Argentina and analyzes them through a human rights point of view. These tasks include:

• Denouncing human rights violations
• Negotiating before public authorities, institutions and entities specifically relevant to these rights
• Developing educational initiatives aimed at educating individuals about these rights
• Spreading National Constitution rulings: pacts, declarations, conventions, etc.
• Advising victims of human rights violations
• Working with other organizations to ensure that human rights are respected
• Promoting the sanction of those laws necessary to ensure the protection of human rights

The APDH is primarily made up of volunteers. Its headquarters are located in the city of Buenos Aires and the organization has locations in other cities throughout the country. Its principle tasks include:

• Watching over the prosecutions of crimes against humanity committed between 1976 and 1983;
• Keeping the memory of this period alive as a reminder of the necessity of civic action;
• Organizing documentation from and about the mechanisms of repression;
• Collaborating in the improvement of national and international standards of human rights;
• Permanently acting before the government to prevent and denounce human rights violations

To get information about the Permanent Assembly for Human Rights in English, please contact:

Gisela Cardozo
Press Secretary



Asamblea Permanente por los Derechos Humanos
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