APDH┤s External Participation


Currently, the APDH works to consolidate democracy, defending the protection of life, human dignity, and social coexistence. In order to ensure the legal protection of our human rights, the APDH participates in the following organizations:

• The United Nations (with Category II Consultative Status)
• UNESCO┤s Memory of the World Register: documental heritage of the APDH
• IEM Space for the Memory Institute
• INADI National Institute Against Discrimination, Xenophobia, and Racism
• PIDHDD Argentine Chapter of the Interamerican Platform for Human Rights, Democracy and Development
• National Network NO A LA TRATA (an organization which works to stop trafficking, slave trade, and commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents)


To get information about the Permanent Assembly for Human Rights in English, please contact:

Gisela Cardozo
Press Secretary



Asamblea Permanente por los Derechos Humanos
Estatus Consultivo Especial ante el ECOSOC de la ONU - Organizaciˇn acreditada en el registro de OSC de la OEA
Tel: (05411) 4372-8594 / 4373-0397, Fax: (05411) 4814-3714 - E-mail:
Av. Callao 569, 3er Cuerpo, 1er Piso - (1022) Buenos Aires, Argentina