Institutional Structure


• President’s Council
A body composed of members from various sectors of society: the church, politics, human rights, sciences, culture, and labor. They meet annually to examine the reports of the Secretaries and set the Assembly’s agenda.

• Board of Directors
Made up of members from the President’s Council. They meet monthly to examine the reports of the Secretaries. They also determine what actions to take in order to fulfill the objectives set out by the President’s Council’s agenda.

• Executive Committee
Composed of the presidents, vice-presidents, secretaries on the board of directors, the treasurer, and the coordinating secretary. It meets weekly and carries out tasks established by the Board of Directors and keeps the Board updated on the Committee’s progress.

• Committees
Specialized groups composed of specific commissions which carry out the committees´ aims. They gather information about the state of the nation, carry out studies, and produce reports and proposals of documents. They organize conferences, debates, seminars, and publications.

In 2009, the three co-presidents of the APDH are Methodist Bishop Aldo M. Etchegoyen, Sister Martha Pelloni, and Mr. Miguel Monserrat.

Some of the individuals that compose the APDH are: journalists Santo Biasatti and Luisa Valmaggia, writer Ernesto Sábato, religious leaders Monsignor Justo Laguna and Rabbi Daniel Goldman, painter Noé Jitrik, singer León Gieco, scientist Federico Westerkamp, lawyer Raúl Zaffaroni, and labor unionist Marta Maffei.

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